Friday, 15 October 2010


After all has been said and done.

After everything this year has brought;
Thoughtlessly or meant.

After standing next to a shapeless shadow
And knowing its face.

After having a cracked window each Saturday
In which to view a relationship with my boy.

After being accused of verbal abuse
And more heinous truths.

After my last strength had left
Me senseless.

After all has been said and done.

After pre-arranged fleeting meetings
Were abruptly cancelled.

After balances and checks were stretched
Beyond the last cigarette.

After smoking and stroking addiction's itches
And stopping and starting again.

After avoiding a celebratory drink
On the brink of success.

After passing into realms of
Absolute centres.

After all has been said and done.

After legal arrangements strained what
Relationships were left.

After feeling bereft at the cost of stretching
Judgement’s emergency budget.

After being vindicated by the drunken incidents
Of his mother’s perpetual failings.

After taking it further than I anticipated
I would ever have to.

After winning the first round and
Beginning the second.

After all has been said and done.

After losing Jim in the flames of his own
Home’s strangeness.

After gaining Tammy’s love in the lanes of
Her American city’s mystery.

After staying the course of my determination’s
Race and facing its responsibilities.

After fulfilling my life’s mission by finding
A final role for its missing bits.

After sitting in a room and being told
I hold the key to Harry’s future.

After all has been said and done

I now have my son.

For Harry, Tammy and the memory of Jim Holley.

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