Monday, 16 August 2010


The spiders must be striking
As the flies have multiplied,
And they appear to be fearless
As they dive into our eyes.

And no matter how you swat at
Them they make a great escape:
Digging tunnels into bread loaves;
Hiding safely in the grapes.

They will swarm up in the morning
And invade throughout the day
And when a kitchen light is switched on
They parade for us again.

So we’ve dangled sticky banners
From the ceilings to appeal
To their fortitude and haughtiness
And hope to seal the deal,

But the bastards are elastic,
And prepared to loose a leg,
And so we’ll have be more crafty
If our tactics are to take.

So we’ll enter arbitration
With the critters on the picket line
And put up with them jumping
Out whenever they decide.

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