Wednesday, 4 August 2010


After the routines have been agreed
And completed,
And we’ve beaten another day back,
And packed it
Into history’s storm proof storage box,
We sleep secure
In the knowledge that the following
Will be met
And settled with the same nature.

And sure there will be deep creases
To be smoothed,
And bruises raised about its surface;
Tracing a purchase
Too tightly gripped or slipped from,
But along with
These will be the gallant intricacies
That our resilience
Has had the balance to uncover.

And with night’s blanket shed of bed
Rest and rise
The highs and lows of growing go about
Their business
And we both say so what if difficulties
Assault us,
For we will be undaunted by these
Temporary fraudsters
As we board day’s transport once again.

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