Tuesday, 17 August 2010


We have grilled pancetta
And scrambled eggs baked in the microwave;
Hash browns bathed in fire light
And pancakes drizzled in maple syrup,
And surrounding this attempt
At an American breakfast
Are barbeque seasoned beans.

Half an hour in the kitchen
And finished in minutes,
And another combination
For the menu that fills the hills
And valleys of his body;
Padding out his middle ground
As he waddles to a knee for a sleep.

I’ve found the last few weeks
Keeping me awake and aware
More than any in my life,
And discovered a deep understanding
Of the role of the mother,
Who for centuries has leant her
Every minute to bringing up her kids;

Without commendation, or expectation
Of such, and what I thought was natural
Actually requires a General’s attention
To detail and the will of a battle hardened
Veteran to get through the day.
So here’s to you woman,
And all your uncommon valour.

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