Friday, 27 August 2010


She wishes she could stretch her legs forever,
Having had a bad day
Trapped in her tree-house,
And car tripped across the countryside,
And I wish I could join her
And help to loosen her limbs.

Laying beside her I’d lend her my own frame
To unwind within:
It being longer,
With more unreeling room,
I’d fill it with the fullness
Of her love and feel her focus ease.

For I have space inside and a reservation card
With her name upon it,
And I yearn to turn
It over to her exposure;
I hanker for her landing
In the alcoves that have always been abandoned,

And together we’d meld ourselves to its shape;
Our minds would drape
Its walls with all we are,
And our branches thrive,
And with life uncurled
We’d reach further than the edges of the world.

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