Friday, 6 August 2010


At the market place
I exchanged a minor headache
For a severe one,
And that wasn’t what I went there for,
But we seldom get exactly what we need,
Even when free to choose.

I thought little for careers
When I exited the halls of education,
Thinking I’d settle for
Whatever side the coin arrived at,
And make the most of the intelligence
I fell to Earth with.

I mused the future would
Arrive in time to discover the achievements
I’d have collected,
And the past would marry evidence
To common sense and between them
Cement my place.

And when encumbered
By animated stumbling blocks of polymer
I figured giving
Them the benefit of doubt would allow
Me to navigate a path around their
Billowing acrobatics.

Religion and science,
And the political appliance of both,
Would ignore me,
As I’d sear me a route between their cold notions
Or dig a hole too deep for their lethargies
To get at me.

If I excelled at sport
It would be in order to attract more batting,
And any discourse
With thought would benefit more time
To consider the rhymes I’d make to motivate
Its reasoning.

If a charity or cause
Worth fighting for poured scorn upon
My pride’s inaction
I factored in the silvered liver I’d leave them
When I passed regardless of the fact I chose to
Toast well my endeavours.

Governments would
Beg for my pencil mark and I’d skirt their
Flirting well
Whilst telling all who cared to listen,
And those who didn’t, how to vote their ghosts
Into existence.

And any mission
Undertaken to the warehouses of commerce
Would be so to endorse my worth,
Converting my particular brand of fancies
Into a vestment to plump my chest into
And compare against the rest,

But when I felt set,
And pleased to greet the coming storm,
I met, at the end of it all,
You, who through your determination,
Laced my palm with a two-headed coin
And a reason to heed it.

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