Tuesday, 3 August 2010


On the honours list of the blissful
Sit those names known for their commitment
To the cause of love’s rituals,

And although enrolled and graded
The ratings bear little resemblance to the state
Of the relevant relationships

As fate and its debating class
Have amassed a gathering of disparate characters
Unlike any previous database.

So at the bottom are forgotten
Couples who have dwelled with themselves forever,
As well as newer recruits,

And amongst the middling are kids
Who have recently dipped their toes in the mix
Amidst old timers in their prime,

Whilst at the top are couples cropped
From the freshest fields of helium filled amorists
Charted alongside old sweethearts.

And with every mention the sentient
Rewards of togetherness are measured against
The insensate nature of loss,

And awards and baubles are unnecessary
As simply being seen in the blessed company
Of paupers and queens is enough

To show how much has been accomplished
With the flushed material of love’s substance,
And we, my dear, are with them.

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