Monday, 16 August 2010


A blow to the head
Removed the friction from the soles of her feet
So the distance she moved was the same
But she had to work twice as fast to meet it,

And the blur that
Greeted people gave them the impression
That the mission she was on was impossible
To sustain at such a pace.

And her aim was
Maimed for a moment so that when she made
To mark her target she arrived at it before
It was ready to receive her heart,

So as she blew
A kiss to me it missed the Irish Sea and ended
Up in Dublin where it was last seen hunting
For lips to attach to in Grafton Street.

But her groove
Increased in depth and improved the lengths
It trenched whilst shedding the effort she always
Knew would always be rewarding,

And the partnerships
She cherishes were nourished by more love
Than expected and double draughts can leave
Weaker liquids thicker for it.

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