Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I went for a walk
Round the block
And took the baby,
Whose recently counted
Twelve spring teeth glinted;
An amount officially confirmed
By yesterday’s dental appointment.

Strolled down the
Cobbled back lanes
Where leaves had started
To gather in the cracks and
Tufts of grass splashed the creases,
And river bank trees were seasonally
Thinner as they prepared to greet winter.

The river towards Hook
Was mud flat low and,
Although I never believed
The talk of walking across it,
I guess anything is possible when
The neap tides begin to bite as tightly
As they do when the moon is cycling by.

The red brick glittering
In the distant green told
Me the official path would
Soon run out and so I dismounted
And headed down the slopes again;
The baby getting restless as I called my
Lover and approached the old roads home.

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