Monday, 13 September 2010


She was seconded to a second life
Whilst I backed my regimental first one,
And was certain that my choice would
Be vindicated by an ability to deal with it,
But she was febrile
With her friends and leant the weight
Of her personality to managing it.

The people she met and vetted
Were blessed by her nervous excitement
And delighted in her scatter shot comments;
Offering their own cajolery
And empowering her sufficiently
To rise above the misery of a life that had surprised
Her with its emptiness.

And although I had dabbled in mystical travel
Over the airwaves,
And become addicted to it,
I managed to winkle my fingers from the keyboard
For a pen’s length,
But unfortunately its ink was unable to grip
Sufficiently to a page and I returned.

And amidst the swirling surge of
Surface haze we grazed each other’s bubbles
And burst into the broth beneath;
Exchanging stock and locking in
The flavour of our ways until the soup we brewed
Was tastier than the single ingredients
That we once knew.

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