Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Apparently next spring’s been cancelled,
Due to cut backs,
So this year’s leaves will have to last;
Its plants must be set fast
And colour cast
In order not to loose their hues
Through winter’s cruel rule.

And the perfumes of the garden
Must be net protected from the bees,
Who themselves will need
Collecting and keeping
In the spare room if we’re to save them
From freezing,
Or at least sneezing off their pollen.

And other insects too
Must be hoovered up and stored indoors,
Along with seeds and spores
And all the other yearlings
Shed by nature’s
Beds and hedges
That have set themselves already.

And steadily we’ll capture a picture
Of summer in case this is the last allowed
Due to the penury caused by this young
Century’s gross indulgence,
And then when winter ends
We’ll spread our botanies across
The world’s virgin canvas on its behalf.

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