Saturday, 4 September 2010


Went to York today
To see the trains;
The diesel and steam
In the Railway Museum,
And the first one we saw,
As we walked through the door,
Was a type Thirty One
Like my Father rode on
When he drove them in Goole
At the end of my school.

Then we headed outside
And made for the pride
And joy of Yorkshire’s crown
In the centre of town,
But the Minster was billing
And I wasn’t willing
To pay up and enter
It’s magnificent centre,
So we went for some fudge,
And bought way too much.

But we did take some snaps
Of the Minster’s stained glass,
And the streets that surround it
And people dumbfounded
By this beautiful city
And it’s glorious history,
With it’s columns and walls
And birthplace of Guy Fawkes,
Then we made our way home
From the world’s second Rome.

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