Wednesday, 1 September 2010


In a supermarket car park
I bumped into a friend I’d not seen for years,
And we chatted about those years,
Long gone,
And the people who wore them,
And then we went our ways
And the day continued.

But for those twenty minutes I was elsewhere,
Sharing time with him,
And laughing at the luck
That had befallen others,
And ourselves;
Comparing hair and work
And circumstance.

And where we stood had once been
The grassed and muddy fields
Of the school where we first met;
Now bettered by development,
But still able to project
Our recollections.

And it felt like we were kids again,
As we stood discussing our own,
And made me realise how far
We had travelled
Even as we
Unravelled a story started
On that very spot.

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