Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Take heart from the fools
You once knew
Who made it to the
Top table when all
Around them thought
Inability would stable
Their ambition in the barn
But who had the substance
To rub up to the right
People at the right time
And turn circumstance
To their advantage.

Granted they made
The best of another’s hand
But you have real talent
And no need to gamble
With it in games of
Chance or balance
Precariously on the
Swaying words of
Charlatans or family
Members who you
Wouldn’t willingly
Lend a shilling to.

You must believe in
Yourself and if necessary
Measure that against
The achievements of
Those thieves who have
Stolen a march on
Time’s tutelage and
Waged war on decent
Peoples’ good faith,
Even if that means a
Slight compromise in
The light of requirements.

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