Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Some things pull you
From your own mundane tasks
And ask
What the hell are you doing with your life?”

Shuffling in the cracks
Between one relationship and another?
Or wallowing in the swallowed pill comfort
Of one more attempt at it?
Maybe neither trial sticks to your vigilance;
Maybe you’re one of those individuals
Who don’t need people in order to sleep well,
Or fiddle with yourself continually
Or simply can’t get on with folk and so poke fun
At them for eating out when their kitchen cupboards are full.

Whichever flavour graces you
It might just be time to
Lift the heavy lids from your eyes
And see why
Life’s shouting at you.

Maybe your memories
Are etched in sand at the tide’s edge,
With a full moon due and no cement left,
And you’ve forgotten how rocky
The road from the shore can be if you leave too late;
Could be debate has favoured more
Worthy causes than the shape of your sunglasses,
Or the state of your finances or the fate
Of one single soul who doesn’t have a hole
Or a shell to treasure and perpetually dwell in.

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