Thursday, 16 September 2010


The last day of the County Championship
Brings no luck
And a German Pope,
Who won’t be knocking on my door
If Yorkshire loose,
Which it appears they will do,

Though he probably wouldn’t have been paying
Me a visit if a victory
Had been possible,
Along with other draws or losses,
Unless I missed his wishes in the post,
Or an invitation got tossed,

But that’s alright as I wouldn’t have the time
To receive his Holiness anyway,
What with my day
Being consumed by the snook,
And a huge Shepherd’s pie
To be built and cooked,

Though maybe, if he really wants to,
He can pop along for tea,
As it must be one of his favourite meals
Named after the parable
Of our Saviour as it is
And capped with leeks and cheese,

Although it’s main ingredient is sheep,
And as any Lamb knows
It doesn’t pay to lay down with Lions
Especially if you’re lying
Underneath a snow capped top
Of butter crusted mash.

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