Sunday, 19 September 2010


There’s a mist taking liberties with my time,
Drizzling its crime,
Fizzing with the chimes of rain on drainpipes
And wiping my nose in the fact
That I should have acted yesterday,
And popped down the shops
When they were open longer
Instead of nestling
In my bed
Until tomorrow.

Still I’ve had me a little sortie
For essentials
To the corner store,
And have managed to hoard enough milk
And cookies
For a fucking month;
As well as a couple of cream cakes
In case the stakes remain the same
For the rest of the week
And there’s no break in the weather.

And the autumn equinox is due,
By which time there’ll be no turning back,
And the year will inexorably
Slide into its final performance,
When the frenzy
Of last minute buying
Will make my Saturday lie in
Look all the more attractive
And it won’t matter
If it rains or not.

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