Monday, 6 September 2010


Every night we try to meet in moods,
And most times we do,
But occasionally
We fail to be
In the same place,
And obviously distance plays a part,
Or finances raise their dirty face,
Or families grate,
But mostly it’s our self defence mechanisms
Kicking it and wrecking things,
And our humours bruise us,
And then we have to delicately deal
With feelings,
And fragility’s kiss,
And a wish for future’s fortune
To fall soon.
And sometimes little things may wink
And tinker with our thoughts,
And ride roughshod over us,
Or dizziness rushes
And we must spin in the opposite direction
To straighten up,
Or strengthened tensions
And torsions
Try to force us further apart
And by the time you want me to stay
I don’t know where I am,
Or I demand a perfect trance from you
And stamp my feet when greeted
With the opposite,
And then we have to remember,
Our friendship,
And surrender our selves
To each other.

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