Wednesday, 8 September 2010


There was an idea,
Discussed in the midst of midnight ticking,
That inspired a mind
To proclaim it the finest theme since design
Conceived of such concepts,

But unfortunately
The analogist who sifted the grist of the thought
Did not think long enough
About keeping its seeds safe for the morning’s

As no pen was to hand,
And the notation application of his cell phone
Was too cumbersome
To wield with one thumb at that time of night
Whilst on the land line,

And subsequently,
When dawn came calling, the previous evening’s
Visionary insight was lost
Amongst half remembered drops of dreams
And screened details,

And even props of
Soda pop, chocolate and cigarettes couldn’t
Get to the mettle of it,
And one more gem of wisdom was tossed into
The locker box of time.

And so was mourned the
Passing of what would undoubtedly have comprised
The finest writing this side
Of the last highlight that he should have fucking
Written down at night.

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