Wednesday, 15 September 2010


We probably
Both caught a cold
Coming back from the doctors,
Where we’d set off to
Earlier on account of
The prospect of
A chesty cough,
Which was now,
No doubt,
About to come to fruition.

But he was given the all clear
And we steered home,
But the rain ruination of another
Day laid waste
To any further plans,
And the demands of his tiny life,
The twin peaks of walking and talking,
Were beginning to thin his energy
To the extent that intention
Got the better part of valour.

After getting back
We mapped out what
Was possible with a house full of toys,
A flagging interest
And the placid rest periods
That were God sends,
But, as mentioned,
He wasn’t up to much
So we decided to hutch down
And wait for another day.

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